Sofie Cushion
Theme LEGO Universe
World Nimbus Station
Quote "I wish I knew how to play air guitar."

Sofie Cushion is a Minifigure who can be found dancing at Red Blocks Amphitheater.

Sofie Cushion hangs out in the pit in front of the stage, where she constantly performs a dance. If players interact with Sofie, she tells them how much she loves Red Blocks and expresses her desire to learn how to play air guitar.

Sofie Cushion is one of the "fans" that Johnny Thunder sends players to talk to. When players offer her the chance to meet the famous Venture League Hero in person, Sofie expresses annoyance that Johnny Thunder is trying to do this, showing that she is not the fan that Johnny Thunder thinks she is and implying that he has tried to do this in the past.



  • Sofie Cushion's name is a play on the term "sofa cushion".
  • Although Sofie Cushion wears a yellow Corduroy Jacket, yellow clothes for the Character Creation screen have been disabled since early beta testing.


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