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Spider Queen Battle
Spider Queen Battle Instance
Main Location of Spider Queen Battle
Enemies Spider Queen

The Spider Queen Battle is a battle instance located on the Block Yard. While the battle takes place on a property, it is not accessed through either of the usual property launchpads in Avant Gardens, and is instead entered through the Maelstrom Mine. Players can take on the Spider Queen for the second time here.

The battle begins when players enter the Spider Queen's area. She first begins by firing small, one-damage blasts at players. At two intervals in the battle, she summons Dark Spiderlings to aid her. This can be compared to Forbidden Valley Dragon Battle, where dragons often summon Dark Ronin to assist them. The Spider Queen has about 100 health and four different attacks.

Unlike the original battle, when the Spider Queen is smashed, a treasure chest appears. Players can open it to claim basic Avant Gardens loot.

The instance is nearly identical to the original battle players face during Arachnophobia, however, several changes are implemented. For example, instead of the Block Yard becoming a claimable property following the end of a battle, the minigame simply ends. Players must return to the launchpad to leave, as nothing else can be done.


  • When the Spider Queen hides on top of the hill, players can go to the right corner and jump on some rocks and trees and reach her. However, the Spider Queen is invincible to any attacks while hiding. In addition, when Spiderlings come to her aid, they are automatically smashed.

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