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Squall Aye
Squall Aye
Theme Venture League
World Gnarled Forest

Squall Aye is a Model Vendor in the Gnarled Forest. He appears to be a Rank 2 Buccaneer wearing a Buccaneer Scarf 1, suggesting he is a member of Venture League.

Squall Aye can be found at the Race Place near Crocodile Corner, standing outside the same shack as Billy Picaroon. Squall Aye sells pirate-themed models that range from the Pirate Fort set to numerous models based upon the 2009 LEGO Pirates line.


  • Squall Aye's name is likely a play on "Bull's Eye Squall", the term used to describe South African squalls that form in fair weather, and "aye", the pirate term for "yes".
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