Status Effects are effects inflicted on enemies by the players. This is most often done using a charge up, consumable, or Quick Build. Some enemies and untamed pets can inflict status effects on players.
Status effects targeting enemies
Stunned Makes an enemy unable too walk or attack for a period of time.
Frozen Disables an enemy completely for a period of time.
Distracted The enemy will not attack because it is dancing or in love. Usually caused by a quick build.

Causes them to follow you. This can be useful with teams or weapons with area of effect.

Status effects targeting players

Stinky Makes the player slow
Maelstrom poison

Makes the player lose armor/health over time

On Fire This causes the player's rear to be lit on fire and can be inflicted by untamed dragon pets in Forbidden Valley, tiki torches and fire in Gnarled Forest, and tiki torches and the Forbidden Valley launchpad walls in Nimbus Station.
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