Stromling Admiral Elite
Stromling admiral invader
Main Location The Battle of Nimbus Station
Theme Stromlings
Weapon/Tool Anchor and cannon

Stromling Admiral Elites are an enhanced variation of Stromling Admirals.

The only appearance of Stromling Admiral Elites throughout the LEGO Universe was long ago during the Battle of Nimbus Station. During that famous battle, Stromling Admiral Elites appeared in Wave 25 and the next two waves after that, serving under the command of the Four Riders of the Maelstrom. Players can go back in time using Wenn Wuzzit's Time Twister to participate in the Battle of Nimbus Station and fight against the Stromling Admiral Elites. As elite enemies, Stromling Admiral Elites are stronger than their brethren in Gnarled Forest, with 24 Life and a more powerful cannon attack.

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  • Cannon Fire: The Admiral throws his hook towards the player, as an attempt to draw the player closer. Then the Admiral fires his cannon 5 times, each doing 6 damage with major knockback. During this attack, the Admiral is rendered immobile, leaving him vulnerable to attacks from the sides or from behind.


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