Stromling Mech Invader
Mech invader
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Stromlings /Invaders
Weapon/Tool Laser Gun

Stromling Mech Invaders are similar to mechs found on other worlds, but the difference is they are very, very powerful. They glow dark purple from Maelstrom energy from within. Stromling Mech Invaders have 11 health.

On Crux Prime, they are led by ED-902, who spawns to inspire his troops.


  • Crux Prime: Stromling Mech Invaders appear in a deep purple fashioning a yellow eye.
  • Battle of Nimbus Station: Stromling Mech Invaders spawn at Wave 17, but using the model of ED-902.


  • Plasma Shot: The Stromling Mech fires a bolt of plasma from its rifle, doing 3 damage. The bolt slowly travels in a straight line and is fairly easy to avoid.
  • Arm Swipe: The Stromling Mech jabs at the player with its free arm. This attack does 1 damage, and knocks players back.


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