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Stromling Mech Turret
Main Location Avant Gardens
Function Shooting Stromlings

Stromling Mech turrets are Quick Builds dropped upon destroying a Stromling Mech, Corrupted Sentry, or Stromling Mech Invader.

When Stromling Mechs are smashed, they drop the bricks required to build the turret. It requires 1 Imagination to build a turret from a Stromling Mech and 5 Imagination to build a turret from a Stromling Mech Invader. Once built, the turret will remain stationary but can rotate to shoot nearby Stromlings. Stromlings smashed by a turret will drop loot for the player who built the turret. After a short time or after its Life meter is depleted, the turret will deconstruct, and a Stromling Mech will respawn in its location.

Beck Strongheart sends players to rebuild Stromling Mechs into turrets. Although no other missions require players to do this, NPCs such as Epsilon Starcracker will frequently remind players that this can be done when players must battle mechs.

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Beta Information

In beta testing, Stromling Mech turrets had the color scheme of 4416 Robo Pod, the set that Stromling Mechs are modeled after. Since pre-alpha Darkling Mechs originally had this color scheme, it is possible but unconfirmed that these turrets date back to the pre-alpha stages of Avant Gardens.

Prior to a patch during Live, enemies smashed by Stromling Mech turrets would drop loot for the player who originally smashed the Stromling Mech, not the player who built the turret.


  • As the Stromling Mech is based upon the LEGO Creator set 4416 Robo Pod, the turret can be assembled in real life using bricks from this set.
  • Stromling Mechs and Stromling Mech Invaders in Avant Gardens Survival and the Battle of Nimbus Station cannot be rebuilt into turrets.
  • Prior to the Power of the Nexus Force update, PRDX-4 claimed that the only way to cleanse a Stromling Mech of Maelstrom was to smash and rebuild it. Despite this statement, Stromling Mechs can only be rebuilt into turrets, not cured Defense Robots.


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