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Stromling group
Leader The Darkitect
Members Stromlings
Main Location Nimbus System
Enemies Nexus Force, Pirates, Ninjas
Allies Skulkin

This article is about all Maelstrom enemies within the game. You may be looking for Stromling, which refers to the specific breed.

Stromlings are evil beings controlled by the Maelstrom, bent on destroying all Imagination.

The first known Stromling is the legendary Spider Boss created by Baron Typhonus. Using Planet Crux's Imagination Nexus, the Baron imagined the spider into being to demonstrate the power of chaos. However, the Spider Boss turned on the Baron and dragged him into the Imagination Nexus, mutating it into the Maelstrom.

Most other Stromlings were once normal inhabitants of the LEGO Universe. Many of them were once Minifigures, but other types of Stromlings have different origins, including the apes of Gnarled Forest and the Robot Citizens of Robot City. After the Maelstrom was created by Baron Typhonus, the dark destructive energies spread their influence across the LEGO Universe, transforming the innocent and unfortunate into corrupted chaotic Stromlings to serve as the Darkitect's minions.

After being created, Stromlings spread across the LEGO Universe, corrupting other beings and destroying Imagination. However, the Stromlings are forced to battle against the Nexus Force, which fights to protect Imagination and to defeat the Stromlings.

The Grumpy Darkling is the first Stromling publicly revealed in an early LEGO Universe trailer. Many other breeds of Stromlings were previewed in the "Answer the Call" trailer. Stromling types and origins were revealed in Mission 12 of The Great Minifig Mission.

A massive army of Stromlings gathered at plaza formerly inhabited by minifigures. Commanded by Stromling Champion Murgle Blotch, Stromling Ape Kinga Hurl, Dark Spiderling Invader Whack Bliddo, and the Four Riders of the Maelstrom, this army disguised themselves as normal minifigures using cardboard cut-outs, luring the Faction Leaders of Nexus Force into a trap. However, the brave minifigures fought back against the army, smashing the commanders, defeating the Four Riders, and vanquishing the army. The plaza has since been rebuilt and named Nimbus Station, and players can use Wenn Wuzzit's Time Twister to go back in time and relive the Battle of Nimbus Station.

While Nexus Force continues to battle the Stromlings and has won many victories, the Stromlings have proved to be a powerful menace. When a Maelstrom Spider Queen was created at Paradox Research Facility for study, an accidental explosion released contained Maelstrom energies and turned most of the Paradox researchers and Assembly Defense Robots into Stromlings, gaining a foothold in Avant Gardens. At Gnarled Forest, greedy pirates were corrupted by Maelstrom-infected treasure chests and turned the once-safe haven for pirates into a dangerous jungle. In Forbidden Valley, the Maelstrom has possessed the armor of ancient warriors, who now occupy many regions of the planet chunk's hazardous cliffs. Properties have all been occupied by Stromlings to prevent use of Imagination. Stromling Invaders spawned by the Maelstrom sea have turned Crux Prime into a barren battlefield.

With such a strong presence in Nimbus System, Stromlings are a constant threat faced by the Nexus Force. As members of Nexus Force, players are expected to fight Stromlings in the battle to save Imagination.


The biology and appearance of Stromlings varies significantly depending on the Stromlings' origins. Since the most common Stromlings are former minifigures, the general appearance of Stromlings is associated with exposed bones, giving them the appearance of zombies, and also have weapons fused to their hands. However, Stromlings of non-minifigure origins, such as Stromling Apes and Maelstrom Dragons, do not share this zombie-like appearance and instead appear to be powerful, mutated versions of their original forms.

Below is a list to every currently known existing type of Stromling.

Normal Stromlings

Stromling Invaders

Stromling Invaders are enhanced variations on Stromlings commonly found throughout Nimbus System. They are physically identical to their more common brethren, but they glow brightly with Maelstrom energy and are much more powerful. Although a number of Stromling Invaders participated in the Battle of Nimbus Station, they are found in massive numbers on Crux Prime, where they are spawned directly by the Maelstrom sea surrounding the planet chunk.

Unused and removed enemies

These Stromlings, while found in the game files or seen in animation reels, do not appear in the released game.

Beta Information

In early versions of LEGO Universe, Stromlings were known as Darklings. Darklings were often spawned by Maelstrom Shards.

At some point in development, zombie-like Darklings were named Strombies (those in Avant Gardens simply being called Strombies, and those in Gnarled Forest being called "Strombie Pirates" and "Strombie Captains"). At some point before the start of alpha testing, the term "Strombie" was dropped and its usage replaced with "Darkling". Finally, in March 2010, during beta testing, "Darkling" was replaced with "Stromling".

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