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The Power of Spinjitzu
Skullkin miner
Use Spinjitzu to smash 10 Skeleton Miners in the Maelstrom Quarry on Crux Prime.
“Your training has only begun. And what better way to train than by smashing Skeleton Miners? Smash 10 of them!”
“No bones about it, you are on the right path! You learn almost as quickly as I once did! Ha-ha!”
Location Info
Start Location: Ninjago Monastery Ruins
End Location: Ninjago Monastery Ruins
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Skeleton Miners x10
Starts With: Neido
Ends With: Neido
Total Coins: 0
Total U-Score: 320
Stats Won: None
Items Won: Skeleton Model Pack 1
Choice Items Won: None
Mission Progression

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