The Ravine
GF Ravine 1
World Gnarled Forest
Main Location of Pirate Archway
Enemies None

The Ravine is the first major location Minifigures find in Gnarled Forest, other than the launchpad. It is a peaceful, deep chasm with a river running through at the distant bottom. Maneuvering through this ravine requires the use of several bounce pads and jumping. At the end of the Ravine, there is a buildable Pirate Archway which players can get an achievement for building 25 times. The Ravine also has a massive tiki head carved into the most noticeable cliff. Burky Urchin, a gear vendor, is on one of the platforms with a bridge that leads to the Tortoise Terrace.


The Ravine started as a simple rebuildable bridge between Gnarled Forest and Youreeka, in Wonderland. It's unknown if this version actually existed in-game; all early screenshots and video show a simple rope bridge. As Gnarled Forest evolved, the ravine expanded into the design seen in the final game.



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