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Toby Squidbarrel
Guy in barrel
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "Yeh found a way across that ravine? Me, I'm afraid of heights."

Toby Squidbarrel is a Pirate Cabin Boy NPC in Gnarled Forest.

Toby Squidbarrel resides just outside the Maelstrom Trench. Scared of the Stromling Pirates, he hides in a barrel. Hugo First sends players to help Toby Squidbarrel. Toby tells players to smash ten of the Stromling Pirates. When players complete this mission, Toby Squidbarrel sends them to help Renee Tombcrusher build a Siren Statue.


Beta Information

From alpha testing until the Frostivus update, Toby Squidbarrel had a red tricorne, an angered expression, a torn sleeveless red shirt, and black pants. He shared this model with other pirates in early beta, including Black-Hearted Kevin. This character model originally belonged to a mission-giving pirate located near the Pirate Archway and another pirate residing in a Pirate Camp in the pre-alpha Gnarled Forest. Until mid-beta testing, Toby Squidbarrel was unnamed and identified as a "Hiding Pirate".

It was once possible to smash the barrel he was hiding in, since his NPC model was separate from the barrel. The barrel would drop loot when smashed. However, as of the Frostburgh update, Toby's NPC model was combined with the barrel, which was made non-smashable as a result.


  • Toby Squidbarrel is afraid of heights.
  • During the Frostburgh update when Toby Squidbarrel's model was first changed, his artwork in the Passport was updated but did not reflect the current model. It showed a pirate wearing a red bandanna and a torn sleeveless red shirt peeking out from the current barrel model. As of the Crux Prime update, this has been corrected.
  • Toby Squidbarrel's final animations were designed by LEGO Universe animator Toby Cochran.[1] They were originally used for an unnamed pirate in Brig Rock hiding in a barrel next to Ralphie Brig-Eyes at one point prior to alpha testing.


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