Trek Furino
Trek Furino 3
Theme Venture League
World Nexus Tower
Quote "Walking's for Buccaneers. Us Daredevils like to move fast!"
Weapon/Tool Daredevil Gun

Trek Furino is a Venture League Guard NPC in the Venture League Map Room of the Nexus Tower.

According to Hael Storm, Trek Furino was once chased around the Venture League Map room by Dr. Overbuild's Robot Dog.

Trek Furino, referring to himself as a Daredevil, loves moving fast. Thus, he challenges players to find and use all the different types of shortcuts throughout Nexus Tower, including Brick Warps and Venture League speed pads. Later, while taking Venture League's best compasses to Duke Exeter, Trek failed to notice a hole in the box of compasses; as a result, fifteen compasses fell out. Trek Furino sends players to quickly scavenge all the lost compasses before Hael Storm finds out.

Afterward, Trek Furino gives Daily Missions exclusively to Venture League members. These missions include fighting Stromlings, participating in Avant Gardens Survival, competing in races, and building Maelstrom Turrets.

Beta Information

Concept art for a Venture Scout character was found in a beta directory for Avant Gardens mission giver renderings, along with concept art for Augie Ninewells, Meyer Muckrake, and a Sentinel Commander. This Venture Scout was later redesigned into Trek Furino and moved to Nexus Tower, though his texture still refers to him as a "Venture Scout". Additionally, artwork of Trek Furino in a Nexus Tower teaser image and the in-game Mission Indicator depict him with the Venture Scout's textures.


  • Trek Furino's name is a tribute to Randall Furino, one of the developers of LEGO Universe. As a reference to his name's origins, Trek Furino says that he has a cousin named Randall. Supposedly, Randall is much more reliable than Trek, who claims that Randall would not have lost the fifteen compasses.


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