Found in Avant Gardens
Special Abilities None
Imagination Points 10
Required Items/Tasks None
Taming Build Trumpet

A Triceratops is a dinosaur pet found in Avant Gardens.

A group of wild Triceratops reside on a plateau at the rocket landing pad near the Paradox Research Facility. The plateau can only be accessed by using another pet to dig up a buried Treasure Chest and activate a Pet Bouncer, requiring players to learn how to tame pets from Coalessa and how to use Pet Digs from Bella Pepper at Pet Cove. To tame a Triceratops, players must assemble a trumpet model. Once tamed, Triceratops pets can dig up buried Treasure Chests and activate Pet Bouncers.

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Beta Information

While Triceratops pets remained virtually unchanged throughout beta testing, the plateau where wild Triceratops reside was once home to an unusable Launchpad and one of Johnny Thunder's Floating Treasure Chests. Both of these were removed in mid-beta testing. Following the Crux Prime update, the Triceratops area was given a Bone Dig for Skeleton Dragon pets to excavate.


  • The Triceratops is one of two dinosaur pets in LEGO Universe, the other being the Venture League Stegosaurus.
  • The name "Triceratops" means "three-horned face", and a trumpet is used as the pet's model because it is a horn instrument.

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