For those who don't know, the LEGO Universe developers were hoping at one point to allow players to not only order the models they built in-game (think LEGO Factory/Design By Me), but to let players order real, physical versions of their minifigures as well (Minifigure Factory). The Kids Inner Circle got a survey on this back around alpha/early beta testing, asking what sort of options would be desired, what sort of packaging/display case kids would want, etc. I didn't save the survey text, but I did save the images, and seeing as both LU and the KIC are shut down now (well, the KIC is probably out there in some other form) I think it should be alright to make these public now - better than leaving them sitting on my hard drive for years. There was also a Flash-based demo to test out, which is still hosted here (though that bit was leaked ages ago). Enjoy!

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