Vacuum Tube
Mission assembly travel
Function: Speedy Transport in Assembly Areas
Location: Assembly Wing of Nexus Tower

Vacuum Tubes are devices used in the Assembly areas of Nexus Tower to transport players around.They serve as the Assembly's form of speedy transport around the tower; Moving Walkways, Paradox Teleporters, and Speed Pads serve as speed devices for other factions.

To use, players must stand in the vacuum stream, before being sent to an output somewhere else in the same area. When activated, players disasemble quickly and are sucked to a pipe (normally in the ceiling) and blasted out, reassembling in the process.

In the Assembly Storeroom, the Vacuum Tubes use the same pipes as Brick Warps, utilizing the already-pumping air to transport players between both rooms.

In the hallway, players can walk into a pipe to be transported to a platform near the ceiling. From this platform, they can collect a flag, or jump into another tube to be thrown further down the hallway.


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