Vapor Overcast
Theme Paradox
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "It's my job to keep Brick at peak performance!"
Weapon/Tool Halberd

Vapor Overcast is a Paradox Technician who works at the Paradox Refinery in Forbidden Valley.

Vapor Overcast is expecting to receive a scroll, which was to be delivered by Bill Shido. However, as Bill Shido lost his Ninja Hood again, players must deliver the scroll to Vapor Overcast instead.

Vapor Overcast introduces players to Brick Fury the Paradox Super Soldier. To demonstrate his firing abilities, Vapor Overcast tells players to lure three Maelstrom Horsemen into his range. As Brick Fury's handler, it is Vapor's job to maintain Brick Fury's performance. When she notices a 0.01% drop in his hit rate, Vapor Overcast asks players to bring her thirty Maelstrom-Infected Bricks to power Brick Fury.


Beta Information

In an early render of Brick Fury's handler, Vapor Overcast was depicted as carrying a corseque and wearing a White Ninja Hood, a classic Red Ninja Gi, and Red Pants. When she was first introduced in early beta testing, Vapor Overcast was wearing her current gear, making it unknown if she ever appeared in-game as she does in this render.

In beta testing, Vapor Overcast had a cheerier demeanor, smiling most of the time. While she still cracks an occasional smile when talking to players, Vapor now appears much more nervous.

In early beta testing, Vapor Overcast needed 100 Maelstrom-Infected Bricks to power Brick Fury. Throughout beta testing, this mission could be optionally repeated by players to earn more coins, as a precursor to Daily Missions.



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