Not to be confused with Nexus Force Vault, a mission involving this location.

World Nexus Tower
Main Location of Bank storage area
Enemies None

The Vault is both an area and storage facility located in the Sentinel area of Nexus Tower. It allows players to store items and models which they do not want to store in their backpacks. The vault does not cost anything to use, however, to create an account, players must talk to Nexus Naomi and receive approval from their faction leader.

The process of claiming a vault account is simple, though long. Players must first see Nexus Naomi who will direct them to their respective Faction leader, who in turn will authorize them for an account.

Upon receiving approval, the player will earn a Vault account, a toaster model, 40 slots of vault space to store items, and 40 slots to store models. Once an account is set up, Nexus Naomi will offer more vault space in exchange for Blue Imaginite crystals. Completing these missions will unlock a total of 240 slots to store items in and 240 slots to store models in.

Once players have completed a certain amount of Nexus Tower missions, Nexus Naomi will suggest that the player set up a Property Safe. Directing them to Vanda Darkflame, Duke Exeter, and Hael Storm, she asks them to obtain three parts and bring them to Doctor Overbuild.

Players are then sent by each faction leader to acquire the parts from Numb Chuck (Paradox), Captain Jack Knife (Venture League), and Beck Strongheart (Sentinel). On completion, they can bring the parts to Overbuild, who will remind players that the parts can normally be found in the Assembly Storeroom.

Vault Expansion Costs

During the mission Expand your Vault!, players can increase their vault space. The costs of it are as follows:

Level Cost Space
1 5 10
2 10 10
3 25 20
4 30 20
5 50 30
6 100 30


  • The vault was first announced in a letter from Doctor Overbuild in the 2010 Frostburgh update, who told all players he was building a bank, but for the time being was supplying them with 20 backpack spaces to tide them off.
  • The vault was intended to be a bank, however, with concern for its safety, Doctor Overbuild designed it into a giant rocket. Should harm ever fall on the tower, the vault will close and fly away, protecting players' items.
  • Only Paradox has the technology to link a vault account to a property safe.


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