Vector Longview
Venture grunt
Theme Venture League
World Avant Gardens
Quote "Want to time your run up the Monument? Quick Build this Finish Line!"

Vector Longview is a Venture League Scout NPC in Avant Gardens.

Rusty Steele sends players through the Assembly Monument Obstacle Course to check in with Vector Longview on the road above. Vector Longview sends players down the road to the Launch Area to talk to Crash Helmut and defeat the Spider Queen at Block Yard.

Vector Longview claims to be shortsighted, and she uses binoculars to survey the area. After the Spider Queen is defeated, Vector tells players to try out the binoculars located at the edge of the road. Vector then instructs players to build a finish line on the road, which will activate the Monument Race. She tells players to go down below and speak with Rusty Steele to begin the Monument Race.

After the Monument Finish Line is built, Vector Longview assigns Daily Missions to partake in the Monument Race.


Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Vector Longview was unnamed and simply identified as Assembly Surveyor. She remained an Assembly Surveyor until the Power of the Nexus Force update, in which her character was merged with Kit Wanderwhere.

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Vector Longview had a yellow construction hat and did not wear Faction Grunt gear. The textures on her sleeves and legs were not as detailed. She wore dark-gray gloves and had a dark-gray hip piece. In mid-beta testing, she received her Faction Grunt helmet and armor, but all other differences remained until late-beta testing.

Although Vector's texture was changed to a Venture League Scout, the message viewed before building the Monument Finish Line still displays her Assembly Surveyor CGI, although this would likely have been corrected in a later patch if the game had not been closed.


  • The name "Vector" could refer to a mathematical term for a quantity which possesses both direction and magnitude; alternatively, it may be a reference to Vector Engineering, a real-life company that focuses on engineering, much like Vector's former faction, Assembly. "Longview" references her position as a surveyor on the road high above the ground, from which she has a long range of vision; ironically, her surname is a misnomer due to her shortsightedness.


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