Venture Koi 001

The Venture Koi in its Early Days

"The Koi was Red, White, and beautiful. She won't look like that no more."- Hael Storm

The Venture Koi is the Ship that took the original Crux explorers to Planet Crux. It also contained three small drop-ships, one of which was used to ferry the explorers down to Crux. Despite the title "Venture", it is impossible for it to be related to the Venture League due to the fact that it was destroyed before the Nexus Force was founded.


Venture Koi 004

Main Bridge of The Venture Koi

The ship was not very large, as seen in the Cinematic Trailer, and consisted mainly of a bridge with a map and the rear, presumably quarters for the explorers and the launchbay.

The ship also appears capable of bending space to its advantage, allowing it to pass great distances in a matter of seconds. Although from the front the engines of the Venture Koi appear to be from the large "Nacells" which protrude from the top, port and starboard, this is not true, as the engines of Venture Koi are located behind it. The lower two nacells are in fact drop ships, and one of the two is shown detaching to land on planet Crux. The top nacelle appears different in design, so it may hold a different function.

Venture Koi 005

The ship parts barely miss landing on the three remaining explorers

Destruction and Further Purposes

The Venture Koi was destroyed by the Maelstrom directly after its creation by Baron Typhonus. The falling pieces fell to the surface of Planet Crux, and onto the ancient temple which housed the Last Essence of Pure Imagination. This nearly smashed the three remaining explorers, as the Maelstrom attacked from one side and ship parts were landing on top of them.

Venture Koi 006

The Venture Koi's final moments

Doctor Overbuild reassembled the parts and was almost smashed when the Maelstrom tried to destroy him. Duke Exeter was smashed in defending him, and was rebuilt quickly after the Venture Koi was used as a cap over the temple to block the Maelstrom. This built up pressure and, as a result, may be the sole reason for the destruction of Planet Crux, however it did give the explorers time to escape.


  • A Koi is a type of large coldwater pond fish, also known as the "Japanese Goldfish".


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