Venture League Observatory
Venture League Observatory
World Nexus Tower
Main Location of Hael Storm
Enemies None

The Venture League Observatory is an upper room in Nexus Tower. This is the headquarters for the Venture League. The room is only accessible via a cannon which fires players up.

The Observatory is also home to the LEGO Club Door, which is located to the left of Venture League Leader Hael Storm.

It is also where Venture League members could find and tame the stegosaurus pet. This is done by obtaining a Stego Treat, which is made by Coalessa, and its instructions of use are given by Hael Storm.

Update Information

An early map of Nexus Tower shows that the Venture League guard, Trek Furino, was located in the Venture League Observatory rather than near its entrance. Additionally, the LEGO Club Door was once located in the Paradox Laboratory.[1]




  1. Early Nexus Tower map
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