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Found in Gnarled Forest
Special Abilities None
Imagination Points 12
Required Items/Tasks None
Taming Build Mushroom
Bricks In Build 4

Warthogs are a very common type of pet found in many areas around Gnarled Forest.

Warthogs can be found near the Ravine, Elephant Escarpment, and Pirate Camp. As these are along the paths players must take when traveling through Gnarled Forest, Warthogs are relatively easy to find. To tame a Warthog, players must assemble a mushroom model. Once tamed, Warthogs can dig up buried Treasure Chests and activate Pet Bouncers.

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April Fools' Day 2011

In the April Fools' Day article All about Bob, Warthogs were depicted as one of the only hopes for the LEGO Universe.

The article claimed that Bob was not only a spy who worked for the Maelstrom, but was also deathly afraid of Warthogs. Therefore, with his true nature exposed, players must act quickly to gather an army of Warthogs in order to take down Bob and the Darkitect.

As this is a gag article released on April Fools' Day, it is non-canon and Bob does not have such a fear of Warthogs.

Beta Information

During beta testing, despite being a common pet with an easy model, Warthogs were among the hardest pets to tame. A glitch would occur when players tried taming Warthogs that would cause the camera to zoom in a little too close, putting some bricks of the mushroom model off-screen and sometimes rendering the taming process impossible to complete. This glitch was eventually patched after gaining much notoriety.

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