Whack Bliddo
Theme Stromlings
World The Battle of Nimbus Station
Weapon/Tool Lasers, Legs

Whack Bliddo is the elite Dark Spiderling Invader who appears during the Battle of Nimbus Station.

Whack Bliddo is said to have spawned from the legendary Spider Boss. After the fall of Kinga Hurl, Whack Bliddo emerged to command the Maelstrom's attack on Nimbus Station. Wenn Wuzzit, haunted by past experiences with this Dark Spiderling Invader, sends players back in time to defeat Whack Bliddo. Whack Bliddo commands five waves of Hammer Stromlings, Hammerhurl Stromlings, Stromling Mech Invaders, Dark Ronin, Elite Dark Spiderlings, and Stromling Admirals. Whack Bliddo appears in Wave 22, spawning between the Venture League and Paradox sections of Nimbus Plaza. It battles players and proves to be a difficult challenge to overcome due to high damage and a total health of 450.

When Whack Bliddo is defeated, the Four Riders of the Maelstrom emerge to end the battle of Nimbus Station.

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  • Laser Blast: Whack Bliddo fires a bolt of energy towards a target, doing 1 damage. The bolt travels quickly in a straight line, making it possible to avoid if far enough away.
  • Dark Web: Whack Bliddo releases a small web of energy in a short cone in front of it. This attack causes 7 damage and is used on opponents who are just out of melee range.This attack is also devastating to close combatants. Worse if you're a lower rank.
  • Leg Jab: Whack Bliddo lunges forward and attacks the target with one of its legs, doing damage. This attack is done very quickly, and thus can be performed in rapid succession to deal much damage.


  • Whack Bliddo's name is a spoonerism of "Black Widow".
  • Although Whack Bliddo is a Named Dark Spiderling Invader and uses the same textures as Muffet Bane, it is erroneously depicted with the standard Dark Spiderling artwork in the Passport.
  • Whack Bliddo drops Forbidden Valley items.


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