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Wishing Well
Wishing Well FV
How to Obtain Avant Gardens, Forbidden Valley, Gnarled Forest, Nimbus Station, Nexus Tower
Cost One Red Imaginite Crystal per Use
Use Press Shift for each use, 20 second Cool-down

Wishing Wells are objects located at particular points within most worlds. At these various places, players may trade a Red Imaginate Crystal, worth 100 coins each and obtainable at various vendors, for coins and random items. Many people spend vast amounts of money on these wells in the hope of receiving rare items. The rarity of the items and number of items that the fountain gives decreases if a player uses the same fountain repeatedly. The rarity and quantity default settings will be restored upon moving to a different area in that world and back.

As part of the February 2011 update, Wishing Wells were altered to contain only items available from its corresponding world's random drop list. If it can found in that world, it can likely be found in the well. This however does not mean that they are guaranteed to get rares, so using this as ones only way of aquiring rares would be unwise.

Known Wells


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