Wonderland was a zone early in the development of LEGO Universe, which was ultimately split up and evolved into several zones/worlds in the final game.

Work began on it after the Vanguard Outpost was put on hold or scrapped, around late 2007. The initial idea was to have several small "pockets" or areas within Wonderland, each with a different terrain type and main feature or two, much like a theme park. Soon, the conceptual work for each pocket grew in scope, until they were full zones of their own. Ultimately this proved to be too much to create in time for launch, and most of the areas designed for Wonderland didn't get very far beyond concept art.

Early emote text left over in alpha/beta builds of the game, and an early scene table left over in the game's database, imply Wonderland may have initially been named Funland. The text for emote 127 is "Let's go to Nexus City", 128 is "Let's go to Port Plunder", and 129 is "Let's go to Funland". The SceneTable in the game's main database lists funland.lvl, funland_2.lvl, funland_3.lvl, funland_5.lvl, then after some misc test scenes, continues with Wonderland_6.lvl, Wonderland_7.lvl, Wonderland_8.lvl, and Wonderland_area_test.lvl. Afterward are test scenes for Gnarled Forest (the first pocket of Wonderland to be fleshed out as a vertical slice), and wonderland_BRIANTEST_40.lvl.

The first version of Gnarled Forest, being a pocket of Wonderland at the time, is relatively small, and only takes up the lower left corner of the terrain, the rest being intended for the rest of Wonderland.



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