Major Characters in Location Skunkbusters
Enemies Skunks

YouReeka, also written as Youreeka, was a pocket in Wonderland, which soon became a full world. It was eventually redesigned into Zorillo Plaza, which later became Nimbus Station.

When players finished playing through Nimbus Park, Friendly Felix took them to YouReeka. YouReeka was composed of a circular plaza, with a skunk fountain in the center and various buildings around it, including the Hard Block Cafe (home to Jimi Studrix and Block B. King), Inventor's building, train station, PvP Arena Tower, a giant bubble blower, hedge maze, water slide, and several houses. Players could give news on the Maelstrom's attack on Nimbus Park to the News Reporter, fix a broken Broombot for the Town Crier, get water for a thirsty Troll in the hedge maze, or help the Skunkbusters defend the town from the invading Skunks. Other activities included a shooting gallery, Stink Storm, a train sorting minigame at the train station, or flying above the town in a bubble by jumping into the bubble blower.


  • YouReeka is a pun on both the exclamation "eureka" and the phrase "you reek", the latter referencing the skunks invading the plaza.


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