Ninja prisoner
Theme Ninja
World Gnarled Forest (Before Rescue)
Quote "Oh how I have longed for you, succulent yellow nanner. Nom."

Zashi is a Ninja Prisoner NPC in Brig Rock.

Zashi, Hashi, Mashi, and Steve were traveling through Gnarled Forest and fighting Stromling Admirals when they were caught by Captain Jack Knife and his Pirates. Angered that there were Ninjas in his jungle, Captain Knife had them locked up in Brig Rock. However, Captain Knife did acknowledge that he did learn from the four Ninjas that the best way to beat a Stromling Admiral was to wait for it to sink its anchor before attacking it from the side.

Zashi was locked up in a cell in Brig Rock. Although Ralphie Brig-Eyes knew it was important to feed his prisoners, he was unable to do so after being pinned down by Swabbie the Monkey, causing Zashi and the other Ninjas to starve. Luckily, they are fed bananas by players completing a mission for Ralphie. Eventually, they are freed by players who have a Maelstrom Hammer and a Ninja Dummy.

Now a Rescued Ninja, Zashi and his three fellow Ninjas traveled to the Perilous Path in Forbidden Valley, where the foursome offer helpful tips to players as thanks for being freed.


Beta Information

During alpha testing, Zashi wore a Black Ninja Hood, which is still reflected in the mission for feeding the four Ninja Prisoners. Additionally, he had a bandage over his left eye. From late beta testing until the Crux Prime update, his red Ninja Gi was changed to a white Ninja Gi. Zashi was originally unnamed and simply called the "Ninja in Trouble".


  • Zashi shares the "-ashi" naming scheme used for other Ninjas such as Hashi, Mashi, and Tashi.


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