Zorillo Plaza
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Major Characters in Location Skunkbusters
Enemies Skunks

Zorillo Plaza was a world in early versions of LEGO Universe that evolved into Nimbus Station.

Zorillo Plaza itself was the next iteration of YouReeka. While the worlds shared the same overall concept and layout, several changes were made and the visual style became much more colorful. The train station was replaced with a monorail station, with the track wrapping around the plaza and then leading off to Nexus City. The Hard Block Cafe, hedge maze, water slide, bubble blower, and PvP Arena Tower were removed entirely. The Inventor's building also had a stink powered balloon sitting next to it, which could be activated by four players that had either been sprayed by Skunks or used stinky perfume. A gate to Pet Ranch was also located somewhere in the world.

Several NPCs from YouReeka had their roles carried over to Zorillo Plaza; the News Reporter received reports from players on the Maelstrom attack in Avant Gardens, and the Town Crier asked players to rebuild a broken BroomBot. An overheated Skunkbuster gave a mission to repair a broken air conditioner, and players were able to join the Skunkbusters with the help of the Assembly Inventor and after aiding new Skunkbuster trainees.

Zorillo Plaza also had a skunk invasion event, which occurred every five minutes and lasted for a maximum of five minutes. When active, a large number of skunks and stink clouds would spawn, and the large skunk fountain in the center of the plaza would transform into a siren. Players were able to spray down and clean the stink clouds and skunks to earn points, as well as repair BroomBots and aid Skunkbusters and Skunkbuster trainees to also earn points. The invasion ended either when time ran out or when a certain number of points had been scored by all the players in the area, upon which they would be rewarded with coins depending on how well they did.

Eventually, Zorillo Plaza was redesigned into Nimbus Station due to playtesters not liking the concept of the zone centering around skunks.[1]


  • Zorillo Plaza is named after "zorrillo", the Spanish word for "skunk". There is also a real plaza in Spain named Plaza Zorrilla, located near Plaza Mayor.
  • On the second story of the Inventor's Building, a minifigure was shown getting chased around by a skunk.



  1. LEGO Universe — colorful plastic's answer to World of Warcraft — is the brainchild of Colorado-based NetDevil
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